RADON: rational decomposition and orchestration for serverless computing’ vision paper is out!

In a previous blog post, we have mentioned that serverless computing is considered to be a “disruptive innovation” that has changed significantly software development and ICT operations. In specific, emerging serverless computing technologies, such as function as a service (FaaS), enable developers to virtualize the internal logic of an application, simplifying the management of cloud-native services and allowing cost savings through billing and scaling at the level of individual functions.

Therefore, serverless computing is rapidly shifting the attention of software vendors to the challenge of developing cloud applications deployable on FaaS platforms.

In our vision paper ‘RADON: rational decomposition and orchestration for serverless computing our team presents the research agenda of the RADON project, which aims to develop a model-driven DevOps framework for creating and managing applications based on serverless computing. Such applications will consist of fine-grained and independent microservices that can efficiently and optimally exploit FaaS and container technologies.

RADON’s methodology strives to tackle complexity in designing such applications, including:

  • the solution of optimal decomposition
  • the reuse of serverless functions
  • the abstraction and actuation of event processing chains, while avoiding cloud vendor lock-in through models

You can read the ‘RADON: rational decomposition and orchestration for serverless computing paper here.