RADON presents an SD algorithm for accurately estimating resource demands in cloud applications

Today, the profitability of industrial processes depends on the well-timed utilization of new technologies. The development of cloud applications combined with cross-domain knowledge from multiple collaborating parties is one common way to enhance manufacturing. Often, such collaborations are not centralized due to outsourcing or rearrangements in organizational structures.

Moreover, manual deployment inefficiency and intellectual property issues further tangle the development process of such applications. As Vladimir Yussupov, Ghareeb Falazi, Michael Falkenthal, and Frank Leymann explain in their paper ‘Protecting Deployment Models in Collaborative Cloud Application Development, while the development of deployment models obviates the necessity to manually deploy applications, a way to protect sensitive data in exchanged deployment models is still needed.

In this work, our team:

  • describes the specifics of modeling and enforcement of security requirements for deployment models in the context of decentralized collaborative cloud application development.
  • provides a stepwise demonstration of how security requirements can be specified and enforced in a collaborative development scenario based on the TOSCA cloud standard.
  • conceptualizes the system architecture, provide details about the implementation of certain approach-specific operations, and discuss the limitations of the approach.
  • shows the feasibility of the presented concepts via an open-source prototype.

You can read more on the ‘Protecting Deployment Models in Collaborative Cloud Application Development’ paper here.


Photos by freepik.com