Implementation details of modifications in Eclipse Winery targeting the RADON project requirement

The Deliverable D4.5 ‘Graphical Modelling Tool (version I) presents the initial results of the Graphical Modeling Tool (GMT) development and furthermore relates with the previous deliverables, D2.1 ‘Initial requirements and baselines’ and D4.3 ‘RADON Models I’.

In this document, the RADON team provides a comprehensive description of the prototypical implementation of the concepts required to support RADON modeling approach using Eclipse Winery as a baseline. In the course of this document, Michael Wurster (UST) and Vladimir Yussupov (UST) present the architectural changes to enable Eclipse Winery for modeling based on the TOSCA YAML Simple Profile specification while preserving backward compatibility with TOSCA’s former standard in XML.

In addition, the authors introduce Winery extensions to support the usage of multiple TOSCA type repositories that can be versioned using Git. Michael Wurster and Vladimir Yussupov present enhancements to Winery’s frontend components to create and adapt TOSCA type definitions specifically to the YAML-based standard, e.g., to restrict modeling of relationships between nodes based on matching TOSCA requirements and capabilities.

All GMT-related artifacts described in this document are publicly available on GitHub, whereas the discussed modeling constructs that were presented in the D4.3 RADON Models are available in the RADON particles repository.

You can read the Deliverable D4.5 ‘Graphical Modelling Tool’ here.

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