Overviewing the tools that comprise the Runtime Environment within RADON

In the deliverable Deliverable 5.1 ‘Runtime Environment 1, the RADON team provides a technical overview of the tools that comprise the Runtime Environment within this H2020 funded project. Through this deliverable, users will learn progress in the development of each tool, the plans for future updates and most importantly, understand the technical details that are required for RADON.

Some key findings:

  • The level of automation in deployment of monitoring configuration has been examined and will be improved in future releases.
  • The template library will be refined and improved in terms of enhanced versioning and support for integration of several template libraries.
  • Delivery toolchain will provide a unified configuration management for all the runtime tools.
  • The orchestrator functionality will be aligned to the provisions of the template library.

Future improvements will enable the deployment of more complex applications to the wider range of cloud providers powered by template library. Furthermore, the (auto)scaling functionality and integration into the whole delivery toolchain is also planned for the next months.

Regarding the future plan for the CI/CD, the authors mention that it will provide guidance for integration of other tools into a CI environment. Templates and pseudo code config files will also be prepared for easier adoption. Some alternative deployment methods will be experimented with in the delivery toolchain. Future work on the function hub consists of using a common function format for storage, integration with GMT and xOpera and other general functionality improvements.

The next step towards an end-to-end approach for the RADON runtime environment consists of the plan for the scaling and auto scaling functionalities, which entail in setting the configuration of monitoring and development of the orchestrator as a high priority task. This is linked to the deployment and release of the Template library, which will integrate the data pipelines plugin (supporting different data processing environments), and the management of the monitoring services , which is made available as a separate and independent infrastructure.


You can find the ‘Deliverable 5.1 Runtime Environment 1’ here.


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