The final version of the requirements for the RADON tools is now available!

Following the evolution and changes of the initial specifications that were introduced in RADON’s Deliverable D2.1 ‘Initial Requirements and Baselines’, our team released the Public Deliverable 2.2 ‘Final Requirements.

In specific, tool requirements have been specified together with usage scenarios and analysed through the tool application to the three RADON use case scenarios. This evaluation has identified and suggested through the course of the first year of tool development some changes to be made to the requirements as well as new requirements and functionality to be implemented in the tools. Through a flexible DevOps methodology that takes into account the typical characteristics of a DevOps approach to software development, the RADON team presents the final version of the requirements for the project’s tools.

As the authors mention, ‘we specify the RADON methodology for managing requirements’ evolution during open source software development and present a conceptualization of the final set of RADON tools requirements by mapping them to the features and user requirements through the RADON workflow.’ This mapping actually provides a means for maintaining traceability between high-level user requirements and tool technical requirements within the context of the different workflows’ deployment of the RADON tools.

Last but not least, within this deliverable, the application of the RADON Requirements Evolution Management process is also documented for each tool, by identifying the requirements updates that have been informed by the lessons learned during the development of the tool prototypes.

You can read the Public Deliverable 2.2 ‘Final Requirementshere.


You can also find the companion document of D2.2. that offers a static snapshot of the project requirements listed in the RADON Github repositories.