Implementing and maintaining a web-based IDE to support the development activities and integration with the RADON tools

In the Deliverable D.2.6 RADON integrated framework I, Stefania D’Agostini, Matija Cankar, Mark Law, Anže Luzar, Neža Vehovar, Michael Wurster and Lulai Zhu, present the results of the activities performed within the task T2.3: Integrated development environment (IDE), regarding the implementation and maintenance of a web-based IDE to support development activities and integration with the RADON tools.

Within this deliverable, the RADON team aims to:

  • Describe the technical decisions to implement the first release of the RADON integrated framework;
  • Outline the set of capabilities realized by this alpha release according to the requirements presented in 2 Final Requirements and the first integration plan described in D2.3 Architecture and Integration Plan
  • Provide a user guide of the RADON integrated framework.

As the RADON team mentions, the main achievements of the work reported in this deliverable are:

  • The release of the alpha version of the RADON integrated framework, including:
    • a web-based IDE (built on top Eclipse Che) supporting development activities in a multi-user context
    • integration of the RADON tools in the IDE
    • customization of the IDE with graphical elements to enable the interactions with the shared spaces of the RADON artifacts and with the RADON tools
  • Integration progress and future plan.

You can read the ‘D.2.6 RADON integrated framework I’ here.