Presenting the first version of the Continuous Testing Tool

In the Public Deliverable D3.4: Continuous testing tool I, André van Hoorn, Thomas F. Düllmann Mainak Adhikari and Pelle Jakovits present the first version of the Continuous Testing Tool (CTT), which supports the definition of an extensible set of tests and test infrastructures in TOSCA models via RADON’s Graphical Modeling Tool (GMT), as well as the deployment and execution of the CTT-generated tests using the TOSCA orchestrator xOpera.

As a part of the RADON framework, CTT will provide the functionality for defining, generating, executing, and refining continuous tests of application functions, data pipelines, and microservices, as well as for reporting test results.

As the authors explain, the first CTT version includes support for an initial set of load and deployment tests, as well as corresponding test infrastructures, which they have made available via the RADON Particles template library. CTT exposes a REST-based API packaged as Docker containers, and can currently be used as a standalone tool, including the integration in a CI/CD pipeline.

With this work, the RADON team aims to document the first version of the CTT architecture and implementation, as well as to provide an outlook on the following steps that will be conducted in the remaining period of the project.

At this stage, CTT supports:

  • The definition of tests and test infrastructures using a CTT-defined hierarchy of TOSCA policy types, node types, and blueprints, which is available in RADON’s particles template library.
  • The workflow of importing CTT-annotated CSAR files, as well as deploying and executing the tests, and accessing the raw test results.
  • A set of included deployment and load tests using well-known tools such as JMeter.
  • The extension of functionality, e.g., new test types and tools, via CTT’s extension points.
  • The use of CTT by the pre-compiled Docker images, and interacting directly via the REST-based API or via CI/CD scripts.

You can read the Deliverable D3.4: Continuous testing tool I  here.