Presenting the Second Iteration of the RADON modeling profile

In the Deliverable D4.4 RADON Models II, the RADON team presents the second iteration of the RADON modeling profile that focuses on the representation of serverless application topologies and data flows using a set of abstract and concrete modeling constructs defined using the TOSCA cloud modeling language.

The goal of this deliverable to:

  • Firstly, introduce a set of extensions to the modeling profile presented in Deliverable D4.3 ‘RADON Models I’, as means to address the requirements arising from the RADON use case providers and tool owners.
  • Secondly, to elaborate on the aspects related to usage, extension, and maintenance of the modeling profile and provides the guidelines facilitating the usage of the RADON modeling profile.

The modeling profile is publicly available online in the RADON Particles repository, which provides a comprehensive set of TOSCA-based modeling constructs supporting RADON’s requirements.

You can read the Deliverable ‘D4.4 RADON Models IIhere.