Meet the Technology Library: Handling the reusable content in DevOps & all necessary abstractions defined within the RADON project

This deliverable Deliverable 5.3 ‘Technology Library’ introduces the technology library core concepts for handling the reusable content in DevOps and the necessary abstractions defined in the RADON project and designed according to the user requirements.

As described, the technology library comprises two parts:

  • The first is the function artefact manager called Function Hub, which serves the function packets organised by versions.
  • The second is IaC template management serving TOSCA module templates and TOSCA service templates. This part is actually covered by the Template Library services, such as RADON particles repository, and Template Library Publishing service.

As the RADON team points out, the technology library addresses all the reusable content to develop a RADON application. Both the aforementioned parts are presented with the main objectives, concepts, and examples of how to use them through standard interfaces, such as REST API or CLI.

We must point out that the results presented in this Deliverable are still in an alpha version which means that the final form and the final content of the technology libraries, will be presented in the consecutive deliverable, D5.4 “Technology library II”, which is to be published at the end of March 2021.

You can read the Deliverable 5.3 ‘Technology Library’ here.