RADON was part of ICPE 2021!

Earlier this month, we had the amazing opportunity to join this year’s 12th ACM/SPEC International Conference of Performance Engineering ( ICPE 2021)!

On April 19th, we hosted the Tutorial ‘Performance Modeling and Engineering for Microservices and Serverless Applications with the RADON Framework’, presenting the performance engineering approach for microservices and serverless applications being developed as part of the RADON project.

Some key highlights: 

  • We introduced microservices and serverless FaaS applications, and performance engineering challenges in this context.
  • We pointed out how these applications can be modeled using TOSCA and how different performance specifications can be integrated into such models.
  • We discussed how such models are utilized to determine optimal decomposition strategies of serverless functions. In specific, once the application gets deployed, following the DevOps practice, it is necessary to generate and maintain performance test cases for continuous integration and deployment.
  • Finally, we focused on giving theoretical baselines of resource management problems that arise in this area.