RADON DevOps series Workshop: Automating serverless application deployment with TOSCA

Together with QORE Lab (Imperial College London), we are organising on May 17th, 16:00 – 17:30 EEST, a free workshop on how to deploy and orchestrate serverless applications in the cloud using open source tools!

In our DevOps workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn hands-on how to leverage the industrial-strength TOSCA to model and deploy automatically serverless applications in the cloud. You will be also given access to an online Eclipse Che IDE instance to try hands-on serverless deployment use the TOSCA model-based approach.

Workshop agenda
  • Introduction to serverless computing and function-as-a-service
  • Introduction to application modeling with TOSCA
  • Deploying serverless applications with TOSCA
  • Hands-on: Eclipse Che environment and Azure deployment

RADON DevOps series: in this cycle of free workshops, you will discover hands-on the world of serverless computing and how open source tools can help you build and manage the lifecycle of feature-rich serverless applications. The series covers the following topics:

  •  Deployment and orchestration
  • Load testing your first serverless application
  • Optimizing performance and resource allocation
  • Writing high-quality infrastructure-as-code
  • Setting up a data pipeline for serverless processing

Last but not least, a lottery will award Raspberry PIs and t-shirts to the participants willing to engage in an offline exercise session after the workshop and submit a feedback questionnaire.

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