The RADON Graphical Modeling Tool Video is now Live!

We are very happy to announce the beginning of the RADON Video Series!

Our very first video will be presenting the RADON Graphical Modeling Tool.

When modeling a deployment for a cloud application, there are many things to consider, like different cloud providers and infrastructure requirements, different architectural styles, and also different deployment technologies and languages.

Here is where the RADON Graphical Modeling Tool (GMT) can help you, providing a graphical user interface to compose and manage your deployments:

  • Drag-and-drop user experience
  • Standards-based deployment modeling tool
  • Library of reusable types
  • Multiple repositories that can be used as a baseline

Last but not least, with the GMT you can also hide the complexity of the underlying modeling language and export your deployable application!

Check more on the graphical modeling Tool in the video below!

This video was created by RADON’s project partner, the University of Stuttgart.