The RADON Data Pipeline Tool Video is now Live!

We are very happy to announce that our project partner, the University of Tartu just released a video presenting the RADON Data Pipeline Tool.

When you are automating data movement in the cloud, do you face issues with reliably migrating data between on-premise servers and cloud services in real-time and on-demand? How about when automating the data migration between different cloud providers and availability zones? Last but not least, are there any problems when designing and securing data management services across different clouds?

Here is where the RADON Data Pipeline Tool comes. The RADON platform simplifies designing and orchestrating data pipelines by providing a selection of reusable data pipeline service blocks which can be freely composed into larger and more complex services. 

All you need to do is follow the following steps: 

1. Design the data pipeline service template using RADON graphical modelling tool

2. Configure the service properties

3. Validate your data pipeline with the RADON data pipeline orchestration plugin

4. Deploy the template using RADON orchestrator

In this way, when automating data migration and management services across clouds, you can save significant time and effort!

Check more on the DATA PIPELINE Tool on the video below!