The RADON Booklet is now available!

As serverless computing evolves, the attention of software vendors is rapidly shifting to developing complex industrial cloud applications that can use this new technology and the underpinning platforms optimally.

This handbook addresses this problem by presenting RADON, a DevOps framework to create and manage microservices-based applications that can optimally exploit serverless computing technologies. Applications built with RADON include fine-grained and independently deployable microservices that can efficiently exploit FaaS and container technologies.

The vision of the RADON platform is to broaden the adoption of serverless computing technologies with a methodology that strives to tackle software complexity, avoid FaaS lock-in, harmonize the abstraction and actuation of action-trigger rules handled with serverless functions, and optimize decomposition and reuse through model-based development and orchestration for FaaS.

This book aims to present the benefits and challenges for software engineers and their managers that arise from serverless technologies and explains how these, in practice, can be tackled using the methods and tools developed within RADON.

The RADON framework is illustrated through the handbook on concrete examples and the lessons learned in its application to several industrial use cases.

You can download the RADON Booklet here.