The RADON Template Library with Eclipse Che Video is now live!

We are very happy to announce that our project partner, XLAB just released a video presenting the Template Library Publishing Service: Publishing blueprint to TPS using Eclipse Che.

RADON uses multiple approaches for service IaC blueprints and artefacts. One solution is an IaC Publishing repository, called Template Library Publishing System (TPS). The TPS is a set of tools that provide users an ability to share, search and reuse the OASIS TOSCA content in the form of IaC modules and IaC service templates. The improvement from the Community IaC repository is that the publishing system has a search system, special CLI and GUI that helps users to find and to standardise the process of publishing and sharing the TOSCA content. The TPS is an advanced and enterprise ready RADON tool that we refer to as a Template Library. 

In the following video we present the TPS and how to use it through the Eclipse Che (RADON IDE). The Template library RADON IDE plugin is used for communication between the Template Library and the RADON IDE (Eclipse Che). Using the plugin, the user is able to manage, store and retrieve his TOSCA modules (e.g., templates, blueprints) and their implementations (i.e., Ansible playbooks) from Eclipse Theia or Visual Studio Code.

Check more on the Template Library Publishing ServicE In the video below!