The RADON Webinar ‘Decomposition Tool’ is now available online!

Nowadays, it is difficult to refactor the architecture of a monolithic application due to several reasons like granularity level, heterogeneity, and security and privacy. At the same time, it is also challenging to decide the optimal deployment scheme for the decomposed application, for example, memory and concurrency of a serverless function.

In the 5th webinar of the RADON project Decomposition tool, we will analyse how it is possible to find the optimal decomposition application based on microservices architectural style and the serverless FaaS paradigm.


  • TOSCA Extension
  • Architecture Decomposition
  • Deployment Optimization
  • Accuracy Enhancement
  • Assignment Consolidation

You will also have the chance to see a live demo!

You can now watch our project’s 5th Webinar in the video below!

If the video is not displayed, you can watch it here.