Graphical modelling of applications combining the use of FaaS, microservices and data pipelines.

  • RADON models that generalize the TOSCA baseline
  • Generalized Eclipse Winery graphical environment, integrated with IDE (e.g, click on microservice to jump to code in IDE)
  • Constraint definition language for requirements

Application orchestration, CI/CD, monitoring and policy management, function hub.

  • Library of reusable and actionable templates (e.g. architectural patterns, FaaS event gateways, function hub, …)
  • Orchestrator plugins for serverless FaaS and data pipelines
  • Monitoring, security and privacy policies

Tool workflow, socio-technical system, lifecycle management, development of functions, microservices, IaC recipes.

  • Eclipse Che-based16 environment integrated with Winery
  • Connectors to CI/CD pipelines and advanced delivery modes
  • Definition of lifecycles for microservices, functions, and data
  • Guidelines to adopt RADON in organizations
  • Architectural patterns and usage scenario definition

Ensure optimality of decomposition and fulfillment of requirements and SLAs.

  • Decomposition and testing tools, guided by monitoring data
  • Verification of constraints annotated on RADON models
  • Measures to assess fulfilment of requirements for security, privacy, performance, and cost.
  • Correctness analysis and defect prediction for IaC recipes