The technical activities will cover all the main research and innovation topics will be carried out within 4 work packages (WP2-WP5), while the framework validation work package (WP6) ensures that all the tools have the anticipated levels of quality, usability and impact across domains and environments.

WP1 focuses on management, while WP7 on impact through dissemination, exploitation, communications and standardization.

Time-wise these activities will be organized in a set of seven milestones that spread and balance the effort of participants across time.

This workstream is centered on the definition of the RADON methodology as a whole and in proposing tools and methods for requirements engineering, architectural specification, user experience, deployment of the solution in organizations, and quality assurance. The main outputs of this workstream are those produced by WP2 and WP3.

This workstream focuses on the setup of the runtime environment and definition of tools to generate the blueprints that can be enacted automatically by the runtime orchestrator. This workstream is centered around the outputs of WP4 and WP5.

Validation activities on the industrial use cases and definition of prototypes for training and community building. This workstream is carried out at a technical level within WP6, and its outputs exploited within WP7 for outreach and exploitation-related activities.