The RADON xOpera SaaS with Eclipse Che Video is now live!

Orchestrator is represented by a lightweight, but powerful xOpera orchestration tool that is compliant with OASIS TOSCA standard. It enables the orchestration of automated tasks within cloud applications for different cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, or OpenFaaS. The tool can be used and integrated into other infrastructures in order to deploy services or applications and therefore reduce the human factor. xOpera uses Ansible automation tool to implement the TOSCA standard and to run operations via Ansible playbooks that are powerful and easy to use. Apart from the CLI and API, the orchestrator is also distributed as a SaaS component, which comes with a simple browser-based GUI. The xOpera SaaS orchestrator brings the ability to use the orchestrator without setting it up in the local environment and offers a possibility to use the orchestrator from different devices and share the deployment project with other users inside the DevOps team.

The SaaS can also be used and integrated into RADON IDE through an Eclipse Che/Visual  Studio Code plugin like it’s shown in the following video. The plugin currently allows users to create a new workspace, create a new project in a new or existing workspace, and deploy a project. Users can invoke the main plugin actions by right-clicking on the compressed TOSCA CSAR and then the plugin will interactively guide them through the creation of workspace and the project.